About Tax Specialty Group

We exemplify client value, innovation, responsiveness and the concept of team.

VALUE ELEVATED: Time is the most precious commodity that we all have and at Tax Specialty Group we understand this perfectly well. That’s why our approach is designed to MINIMIZE YOUR time and maximize your ROI so that you can keep focused on your business. This is VALUE ELEVATED.

INNOVATION ELEVATED: You are an innovator! Shouldn’t your service provider be as well? At Tax Specialty Group we pride ourselves in our approach to your Federal and State Tax Credits and Incentives. We DO our homework on your business, we take the time to listen to you and then use our Proprietary software and tools to create a unique approach just for your business. We call this INNOVATION ELEVATED.

RESPONSIVENESS ELEVATED: Being responsive is critical in any business – however being responsive in every facet of the client service is what separates Tax Specialty Group from other service providers. As part of our Service Elevated, Value Elevated and Innovation Elevated, we make sure that you are able to reach us, no matter when and where. That’s RESPONSIVENESS ELEVATED.

TEAM ELEVATED: Our team of Engineers, Attorneys, and CPAs with advanced degrees as Masters, JDs and PhDs allows us to provide you an unparalleled service. This is Tax Credits ELEVATED. We call this TEAM ELEVATED.

TSG was founded by Thomas Zavieh in 2017 to meet a growing need for specialty tax services in the small to mid-size company market. Tommy has over 20 years of consulting and tax experience, primarily in the specialty tax field. He has served all sizes of entity, but he saw that smaller companies, particularly start-ups, were not being served. Tax Specialty Group is his answer to that need.

The TSG team is composed of CPAs, Engineers, JDs and PhDs who are experts in tax specialty space. When asked what we do, we simply say that we are translators: We speak Engineering and Tax Code – therefore we can just as easily speak to your engineers and your CFO which translates to efficiency and maximizing the value of the services we offer.

More Information about our founder:

Thomas has over 20 years of professional consulting experience serving clients ranging from start-ups to “Fortune 10” corporations. Thomas has extensive experience in addressing complex business and specialty tax needs (R&D Tax Credit, Section 199 (DPAD), Meals & Entertainment (M&E), Cost Segregation) for a variety of organizations, including automotive, bio-sciences, consumer products, financial services, medical device, oil/gas, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and technology (software and hardware). Thomas has had the privilege of serving startup companies that have gone on to be listed on NYSE to Fortune companies that are household names helping them improve cash flow, earnings per share, and effective tax rates.

Thomas has helped his clients receive more than $1 Billion in credits and deductions, successfully defended his client’s claim when audited, and has led or built teams of various sizes.

Thomas is a licensed CPA in the States of California and Georgia. He also has MBA and MS in Taxation. Before becoming a CPA, Thomas studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California and worked as an engineer for a scuba diving company in California.

Thomas is married to his wife Megan and they have 4 children. They live just north of Atlanta and are avid travelers.

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