Tax Specialty Group provides an ELEVATED suite of services for your Federal and State tax credits and incentives.

We pride ourselves in the level of service we provide. We fully understand that we are in the service business and that is why OUR FOCUS IS : how do I best serve our clients? This fact, coupled with our other six core values, creates a client service culture that is unique to Tax Specialty Group. We measure our success by the referrals that our clients provide us. There is NO greater compliment for our services than when our clients refer us to their network. This is SERVICE ELEVATED.

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VALUE ELEVATED: Time is the most precious commodity that we all have and at Tax Specialty Group we understand this perfectly well. That’s why our approach is designed to MINIMIZE YOUR time and maximize your ROI so that you can keep focused on your business. This is VALUE ELEVATED.

INNOVATION ELEVATED: You are an innovator! Shouldn’t your service provider be as well! At Tax Specialty Group we pride ourselves in our approach to your Federal and State Tax Credits and Incentives. We DO our homework on your business, we take the time to listen to you and then use our Proprietary software and tools to create a unique approach just for your business. We call this INNOVATION ELEVATED.

RESPONSIVENESS ELEVATED: Being responsive is critical in any business – however being responsive in every facet of the client service is what separates Tax Specialty Group from other service providers. As part of our Service Elevated, Value Elevated and Innovation Elevated, we make sure that you are able to reach us, no matter when and where. That’s RESPONSIVENESS ELEVATED.

TEAM ELEVATED: Our team of Engineers, Attorneys, and CPAs with advanced degrees as Masters, JDs and PhDs allows us in providing you an unparalleled service. This is Tax Credits ELEVATED. We call this TEAM ELEVATED.

We offer a suite of services to reduce Federal and State tax liability through specialty credits and incentives.

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