Software Development

If your company is in the software development industry and you’ve recently introduced new or improved products or processes, you may be eligible for the R&D Tax Credit study.

  • Developing new or improved technologies
  • Developing code for new software architecture or algorithms
  • Conducting requirements, domain, software elements, or scope analysis for a new functional software enhancement designed to create a competitive advantage
  • Evaluating and establishing functional specifications
  • Designing and developing the structural software architecture
  • Establishing electronic interfaces and functional relationships between various software modules
  • Programming software source code
  • Compiling and testing source code
  • Conducting unit, integration, functional, performance, and regression testing
  • Developing intranet and Internet software in which scale and complexity present technological challenges
  • Developing flexible, high-quality, and scalable rule engines to manage and automate complex business structures and models
  • Developing software to better manage customer relationships through improved collection, storage, and analysis techniques
  • Developing specialized technologies, such as artificial intelligence or voice recognition applications
  • Developing interactive software to support the delivery of multimedia entertainment, such as streaming music or video or Internet video games
  • Development of new software applications to use internally, or to interact with customers and/or vendors
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